Fixed Blade Utility Knives

Fiskars utility knives deliver the best ergonomics and always give the sharpest cuts with their innovative integrated sharpeners.

New range of utility knives with integrated sharpener

To develop our new utility knives, Fiskars worked very closely with most demanding knife users to find out what they really look for in utility knives. The answers were loud and clear: keeping the knives always sharp, best ergonomics, and more control.This high-quality range of utility knives comes with several different blades, custom-designed for best performance for critical building tasks. The thick heavy duty blade comes with a robust deburring file. Chisel blade is perfect for straight cuts, and the narrower precision blade is for best control.

Ergonomically-contoured grip

Our new knives provide ergonomic soft grip, with unique patented grip pattern designed to give the best grip and control precisely where you need it, and providing a smoother surface where more mobility is required.

Sheaths with lot of innovation

In addition to the integrated sharpener, other innovative features are ability to easily attach several knives next to each other, and the ability to change the sheaths to be left-handed.

Integrated sharpener inside sheath

Easy-to-use StaySharp sharpener is ingeniously integrated into the knife holster. It is always with you and guaranteeing sharper cuts, without any interruptions to the task.

Universal and craftman's knives

The universal knife is strong against torsion but still being thin and flexible enough for good cutting performance. Craftman's knife has a thinner, slimmer and shorter blade, making it more dexterous and flexible to use in carving work requiring more accuracy and precision

Carpenter's knife with chisel blade

With two strong, straight angled blades, this knife can be used with a hammer as a chisel, to make straight edged pockets in wood for joints or connections. The color coded impact head is designed to be hit with a hammer.

Heavy duty knife with deburring file

This knife is for demanding general cutting. The thick and wide blade is very strong, and the built-in file for allows fast deburring and filing of metal and wood.

Both right- and left-handed

Our innovative sheath allows you place the knife on either side of your belt. In just a few seconds, you can make the sheath left-handed.

Attach multiple sheaths

Having multiple knifes with you is now as easy as it can be. Fix and attach as many knives as you want next to each other easily.

Knife Key Features

1. Ergonomic handle designed for durability.
2. Patented soft grip pattern for best control (pat. pend.).
3. Color-coded impact head for hammering.
4. Four high-quality blades available for different tasks.

Sheath Key Features

1. Full length of knife is easy to grab, even when in holster.
2. Fix easily multiple sheaths next to each other.
3. Integrated sharpener is always with you.
4. Sheath can be made right- or left handed.