Keep calm and make a cake

The heart of a birthday party is a spectacular cake. But sometimes baking a cake can be challenging, especially if you’re not a master baker. Try this clever option and you’ll never have to stress about cakes again. A card sheet cake is an all-time favourite!


  • Card sheet
  • Sheets of paper in different colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • (A paper punch)
  • (A tin can)

Choose the size of your cake and sketch two rectangles on a card sheet. If you want, the base of the cake can be the size of a tin can and built on top of it. Draw the semicircle shapes for the top edges using for example a lid or some other round object as help, or just draw the wavy edges freehand.

Cut off the two rectangles and then cut the wavy top edges.

Use the circle punch to cut a pile of small circles or any other shape you want. Glue the shapes on the rectangles.

Glue the rectangles in the shape of circles and cut the top pieces to fit the cakes’ size. Glue the tops on the cakes just below the decorative edge with the help of paper strips or tape. Put the smaller cake on top of the bigger one, and give it a final touch by using a straw as a cute candle.