Norden chopping axe N7

Inspired by Nordic axe-making traditions, the Norden chopping axe N7 is a small universal hatchet for limbing, chopping & kindling. The axe’s handle is made of fine crafted hickory wood, giving the axe a natural look and feel. But it is also virtually unbreakable due to its innovative FiberComp™ over-strike protection. 

The Norden N7 is made in Finland, and combines durability with perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, and an ultra-sharp edge, to maximize your performance.

  • Universal hatchet for limbing, chopping & kindling
  • Its compact size makes it a perfect companion for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Safest, undetachable axe head and shaft connection
  • High quality hickory wood handle with virtually unbreakable Fibercomp™ overstrike protection
  • Carbon steel blades with anti-friction coating
  • Coating prevents the blade from getting stuck and protects against rust & dirt
  • Precision ground ultra-sharp cutting edge that stays sharp
  • Protective blade cover included
  • Made in Finland
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