Fiskars - Craft scissors

Craft scissors

Every craft is as individual as the person who creates. That's why Fiskars offers an array of craft scissors to cut anything that calls to your creativity. Crafting scissors and multi-media scissors are ideal for scrapbooking, cardmaking, paper flowers and decoupage. Titanium non-stick crafting scissors make clean cuts through sticky materials, such as tape, while preventing adhesives from sticking to the blades. And Micro-tip® detail scissors make intricate cuts on fabric, paper, vinyl and more. All scissors feature ergonomically designed handles to make every cutting task while crafting more comfortable and enjoyable.

Craft scissors cover a wide array of crafting interests and hobbies. Paper crafters will appreciate Fiskars paper scissors and paper edgers, with precision-ground blades that make crisp, clean cuts through paper, cardboard, cardstock, scrapbooking paper and additional materials. Choose a non-stick scissors, such as Titanium coated scissors, when working with adhesive materials, stickers, tape or glue. An ultra-sharp Micro-tip® detail scissors will make the most intricate cuts on paper or fabric when creating collages, doing fashion crafts or trimming thread. If you enjoy crafting, trust Fiskars to build out your very own craft scissors set.