Fabric scissors

Quality scissors are essential when cutting fabric, and Fiskars fabric scissors are known around the world as setting the standard for cutting performance. Each pair of fabric scissors and shears feature precision-ground stainless steel blades that cut to the tip and an ergonomically designed handle that provides exceptional comfort and control. Fiskars sewing and fabric scissors also boast excellent durability for long-lasting use.In addition to classic fabric scissors, Fiskars has an array of edging shears, embroidery scissors, thread snips and more to make every fabric cutting task, from delicate silk to thick denim, more comfortable, more precise, and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

Fiskars fabric scissors run the gamut from small detail scissors to dressmaker shears for cutting long swaths of fabric, to classic fabric shears that can do it all. Additional fabric cutting scissors include pinking shears that reduce fraying, thread snips that allow you to easily take care of loose ends, and tabletop shears with elevated handles that reduce fabric lift for improved precision. Many of Fiskars cloth cutting scissors and shears also come in a variety of fashion colors, patterns and styles, as well as with or without SoftGrip™, titanium, non-stick, left-handed versions and more. You'll also find models of fabric cutting scissors featuring RazorEdge™ blades that are ultra-sharp and Amplify™ sewing scissors that reduce the amount of force needed when cutting thick materials. Our wide variety is yet another reason why Fiskars is the best scissors for cutting fabric of all types for any project.