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Paper Scissors

Lightweight and compact, classic paper scissors are a do-it-all tool for your home and office. Their long, slender, durable, stainless steel blades have a precision edge that's as keen at gliding through long rolls of paper as it is at slicing an envelope open. For paper crafters, not only are paper scissors an important tool, so too are paper edgers to cut boarders and paper laces. Fiskars offers a variety of paper edgers for adults and children to add interest and personality to all of your paper projects.

Paper scissors are an important tool not only for home use but also in the office and at school. It's a good idea to have paper scissors in multiple locations of the home, so they're always on-hand when needed. Some people also enjoy scrapbooking, cardmaking or giftwrapping, which all require a pair of paper only scissors.

Additionally, paper edgers feature decorative cutting patterns that added flair to homemade cards, decoupage and other projects. With an array of paper edgers for children and adults available, you can curate your own paper edger scissors set.