Preschool scissors

From ages two through four, children are learning new and exciting things every day, one of which is how to begin to hold, squeeze and cut with scissors. Pre-school scissors are Fiskars safest children's scissors, developed and engineered to support children just learning these crucial life skills. Starter and Training preschool scissors allow children to grip the scissors multiple ways and they have a spring-action mechanism so that little ones can focus on squeezing scissors closed. And Fiskars kids animal scissors have long been favourites for preschoolers thanks to their exciting designs.

Fiskars has developed a series of preschool and early years scissors to introduce beginning users how to squeeze, hold and cut with scissors. Starter scissors are designed for the youngest users, with plastic blades that cut paper and a no-loop handle that makes it easy for the smallest hands to grip and hold in a variety of ways. They also open automatically, so that little ones can practice just the squeezing motion to close blades. Once this motion is introduced, preschoolers may graduate a training scissors to further practice squeezing.

An optional lever activates a spring to open the blades automatically as well, and the lever can be flipped when your child is ready for more traditional open-and-close cutting movement. Preschool scissors ensure your child is developing these important skills, and they allow young creators to express themselves in a fun and safe way.