Scissors for school

When you give a child scissors, they not only strengthen hand muscles and practice important spatial coordination, they also learn to imagine, create, express themselves and problem solve. Teachers and parents around the globe trust Fiskars school scissors to provide safety and comfort while children develop these important skills. Choose a school scissors based on the age of your children and their classroom activities. Non-stick models will cut through sticky school materials without gumming up the blades. SoftGrip™ models provide additional comfort and exciting handle designs. And all Fiskars colours and patterns are chosen by kids, for kids, to make learning even more fun.

All Fiskars kids models make ideal scissors for school age children. From plastic blade scissors for the youngest learners up to 18 cm student scissors, trust Fiskars for preschool scissors, primary school scissors, secondary school scissors and beyond. Each pair of school scissors is validated with advanced testing, to ensure they fit children's hands naturally and comfortably. They're also designed with highest regard to safety based on age level, including safety edge blades, plastic-covered for the youngest children, and useful additions such as colourful SoftGrip™ handles, non-stick blade coating, pointed tips for precision cutting and more. Fiskars student scissors also are conveniently labeled by age group, so you can rest assured you're choosing the right model for your students.