Ready for a Reel Mower

Ready for a Reel Mower?

Looking for useful lawn mowing tips? Maybe it’s not how you’re doing it, but the actual mower you’re using. Make cutting grass more enjoyable and budget-friendly – as well as better for your lawn, health and the environment – with a smart, eco-friendly, Fiskars reel mower.

One of a Kind

Cutting grass has never been quite this green. Learn more about the unique technologies and superior performance of Fiskars reel mowers.

Fiskars - A smarter way to mow

A smarter way to mow

Forget everything you’ve ever known about how to use a lawn mower. Our reel mowers combine advanced technology with intelligent design to provide an easier, greener, smarter way to mow – even when compared to traditional reel mowers.

Double your cutting power with InertiaDrive™ technology as you rip through weeds, twigs and more. Missed your last mow? Our VersaCut™ technology offers the broadest range of cut height settings ranging from 1-4”, allowing you to breeze through long blades of grass. Additionally, a new inset wheel design allows the blades to extend across the full width of the mower, making it easier to edge closer to borders and fences, while also eliminating uncut strips often left under the wheels by standard reel mowers.

Benefits of Reel Mowers

Reel mowers promote healthier, more naturally vibrant lawns by cutting each blade of grass cleanly, with a scissors-like action. Compare this to gasoline and electric mowers that cut with a tearing action, leaving grass more susceptible to drying and disease.

In addition to improving the health of your lawn, cutting grass with a reel mower allows you to remove electricity and combustion engines from the equation, resulting in positive effects on both your health and the environment. And, with no tank to fill, no oil to change and no spark plugs or air filters to purchase, the benefits to your wallet are many.

Tips for Using Reel Mowers

Tips for Using Reel Mowers

Before mowing, be sure to remove sticks, rocks and any other debris in your path. Pull any weeds or blades of grass longer than 6”, as they will only get pushed over by your reel mower, instead of cut. And as a rule of thumb, it will always be easier to mow if you don’t let your grass get too long between sessions.

Other reel mower lawn mowing tips include cutting in long, straight lines to reduce stops and starts, walking quickly to increase cutting power as you mow, and using the reversible grass chute to direct clippings forward and away from you or back and downward. Additionally, set your cut height to no more than 3” high to allow for an even, uniform cut. Adjust the handle height so that turning and pushing the reel mower is as comfortable as possible. Finally, remove clippings and other debris from the mower using a broom before storing. If wet, be sure to dry your reel mower with a towel and spray with a rust preventer as soon as possible. Lubricating moving parts at least once a season and before storing for the winter will help keep your reel mower working smoothly.

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