Fiskars® - Happiness is wellbeing and sustainability

Happiness is wellbeing and sustainability

To really enjoy what we love to do, Fiskars takes action for sustainability. Every detail of our products is designed for the best of the user and the environment.

Fiskars® - Happiness is increased well-being

Happiness is increased wellbeing

Cooking, gardening and other creative activities increase our wellbeing – it’s a proven fact. Fiskars designs products that make actions in and around the home more enjoyable – increasing sustainability, health and happiness in people’s lives.

Fiskars® - Designed for Sustainability

Happiness is design for sustainability

Design takes in every aspect of the product from how it looks and feels to how it is made – and what happens to it after use. Fiskars designs products to be sustainable, allowing us to feel good about using them.

Fiskars® - Longevity

We design for longevity

We design for the long-term – for durability and sustainability in use, and recyclability after it.

Fiskars® - Packaging

We reinvent packaging

We reinvent the packaging of our products and the materials we use.

Fiskars® - Materials

We innovate materials

We innovate new ways to make our products with sustainable and long-lasting materials.

Fiskars® - Circularity

We create for circularity

We create products and services that ease using, reusing and recycling our products.

Fiskars® - Resource Use

We optimize resource use

We optimize our resource use at every step from manufacturing to distribution.