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Landscaping Tools

Take on tough soil, power through thick branches, and move gravel, dirt, mulch and more with ultra-durable, Fiskars® Pro landscaping tools.

Engineered to withstand drops, impacts and rough weather, these tools include features ranging from double-bolted connections to high carbon steel blades, optimized head angles and more – all designed to improve efficiency and reduce impact on your body.

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Fiskars® Pro Shovels & Rakes

Learn how our pro-grade shovels and rakes are designed to outperform, outlast and reduce negative impact on your body.

Real Ergonomics

Well-balanced with optimized angles, teardrop-shaped shafts and multiple grip positions, our landscaping tools are specially engineered to reduce repetitive fatigue.

Optimum performance

Heavy-gauge steel stands up to any task, while a large step provides more stable footing.

Ultimate durability

Simple, heavy-duty construction for daily, quality performance under all conditions – guaranteed.

About Fiskars® Pro Landscaping Tools

For landscaping tools that stand up to any task, turn to Fiskars® Pro. Our pro shovels and rakes are designed to stay intact and help make your job easier. 

Our Digging Shovel lets you dig and pry in tough soil and features heavy-gauge steel construction. A sharpened edge makes it easy to chop roots, while a large step provides more stable footing. Our Transfer Shovel lets you move gravel, dirt, mulch and more with ease, while all our shovels also feature durable aluminum handles, extended shanks for improved strength and double-bolted connections to keep heads intact.

Our pro rakes feature sturdy metal tines that won’t degrade, making them usable on concrete. Easily spread and move mulch, dirt and gravel or use the flat edge for grading with our Garden Rake. Metal tabs on our Leaf Rake keep a tine rod locked in place, ensuring the steel tines won’t come loose or break under pressure. A longer handle length also reduces back fatigue.

All Fiskars® Pro tools are built to last and backed by a full lifetime warranty.