Create with Fiskars Like Never Before

Meet our curated collection of limited-edition prints and projects imagined by inspiring creators. Bringing to life three unique designs, these Fiskars influencers demonstrate joy in the everyday. Explore three creative projects made using their one-of-a-kind Created with Fiskars Scissors and collect all three: Playful Posies, Avant Garden, Sew Bold.

Meet Brittany | The House that Lars Built

Make whimsical your everyday. Brittany Watson Jepsen was born to make! She is the founder and creative director of The House That Lars Built, a craft and lifestyle site and shop that aims to inspire and teach people how to make an artful life. She believes that there is a craft project and time frame for everyone and their busy lives, even if they don’t consider themselves creative! Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Martha Stewart and more. She lives in Provo, Utah with her husband and two boys.

Meet Sophie | Wife NYC

Make adventure your everyday. Sophie began working with plants in her artwork—not as a florist–but as a painter and sculptor. She is drawn to the natural world because it is pulsing with life and is in constant dynamic growth and flux. Now she has her own botanical studio, Wife NYC, where she creates otherworldly artwork from organic elements. Each day she enters the studio with a sense of playfulness and open mindedness—ready to see where nature leads her.

Meet Tabitha | Tabitha Sewer

Make bold your everyday. Tabitha Sewer (and Yes! that’s her real name) is a US Air Force Veteran, turned into a color-loving entrepreneur who shares her love for fashion and sewing with her growing online audience and friends. Tabitha started sewing as a creative outlet at the recommendation of her mother after serving 10.5 years in the Air Force. She has found her calling to create (and to help others create) fun clothes and projects that are sure to spark a conversation!