Sew Bold, Sew Vibrant

Add joy to your everyday with Tabitha Sewer. A 10+ year US Air Force veteran turned color-loving entrepreneur, Tabitha takes you on a vibrant journey, bringing together joy and positivity through self-expression and invigorating pattern play.

Behind the scenes

Colors you find in Tabitha’s Sew Bold scissors reflect aspects of her creativity and how she inspires others. Pink, orange and yellow evoke joy, creativity and success while the three blue shades honor US Air Force core values of integrity, service and excellence. And the terrazzo print: a fun representation of everyone big and small that helped her on the journey to become who she is today. (You know who you are!)

Create with Tabitha

Get inspired to make a bold, quilted mini-handbag. With options for customizable accents, this handbag is your chance to embrace your inner fashionista with a one-of-a-kind accessory.