DIY Hanukkah Cards

by Emma Jeffery

With just a few supplies, you can create a variety of Hanukkah cards this year to match the unique styles of friends and family.

DIY Hanukkah Cards

Base of the Card

1. Start with one sheet of 8 ½" x 11" cardstock.

2. Cut the cardstock in half to create a smaller 4 ¼ " x 5 ½" piece.

3. Use the 4 ¼" x 5 ½" piece of cardstock as a base and take another piece of cardstock and trim off ¼" around all four sides. You will now have a second piece of cardstock measuring 4" x 5 ¼."

4. Use the 4" x 5 ¼" as a base this time, and repeat step 3 to create a third layer to measure 3 ¾" x 5."

5. Begin with the largest piece of cardstock, measuring 4 ¼" x 5 ½" and adhere the smaller two pieces of cardstock to create the three layers. When layering the pieces of your card, consider using a contrasting card slightly smaller than the original card size. This will create a layered frame.

6. Follow the steps below to customize the individual cards.

Dreidel Card

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 02
Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 03

1. Punch a piece of gold cardstock using the Winter Frost Large Punch Cartridge in the AdvantEdge™ Punch System.

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 04

2. Insert the punched strip into the Simple Tag Maker and punch.

3. With a contrasting piece of cardstock, punch another tag using the Simple Tag Maker.

4. Adhere the punched gold cardstock to the contrasting piece of cardstock.

5. Using the ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer, trim the bottom edges of the tag to create a dreidel shape.

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 05

6. Adhere the dreidel to the front of your card

7. Add a stem cut from a small rectangler piece of cardstock along with a sentiment printed from the computer.

Menorah Card

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 06

1. Punch one tag with the Simple Tag Maker punch.

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 07

2. Trim away the bottom 1" with the ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer. This will be the base of the menorah.

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 08

3. With the remaining 2" square of the tag, cut into 9 separate strips so that they taper on one end. These will be the candles.

4. Glue the menorah design to the front of the card

5. Using the Petal by Petal large squeeze, punch gold cardstock to create flames for each candle.

Happy Hanukkah Card

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 09

1. With the Celtic Knot Large Punch Cartridge in the AdvantEdge™ Punch System, punch two border strips in a contrasting color.

2. Trim the strips to match the length of your card.

3. Adhere them together and then adhere to the card front so that they are slightly offset.

Fiskars Handmade Hanukkah Cards 10

4. Using the Label Tag Maker, punch 1 label.

5. Using the hole punch feature of your tag maker, punch holes into the end of the tag.

6. Using the tag maker's eyelet setter, add eyelets to each side.

7. Tie with twine around the front of the card.

8. Add a sentiment printed from the computer to personalize your card.

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