DIY Classroom Job Chart Ideas

by Stacy Tornio

Chores are typically not fun, and it's not often that kids are begging to do them. Help motivate your kids or students with a cute tree cookie chore chart.

DIY Classroom Job Chart Ideas

A tree cookie is the end of a branch sawed off into a circle (or cookie) shape. A lot of times, tree cookies are used for decoration. Another great use for tree cookies is to turn them into a chore chart.

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1. Find a few large branches that can be sawed. When looking for branches, make sure the circles are large enough for the chore you will write. Use the POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® Folding Saw to make tree cookies, about ¼" to ½" thick. One of the nice things about the saw is that the blade locks in two different open positions, making it possible for both overhand cuts and undercuts, depending on what's easiest for you.

2. If needed, take sandpaper and sand down the edges of the cookies.

3. On a computer, type out different chores for the tree cookies. Then print these on colorful cardstock. Chores can even be color coded by child or any other organizational method.

4. To create a fun pattern, use the Scallop Paper Edger Scissors to cut a circle shape around each chore. Make sure the circle is small enough to fit on a tree cookie, with a little bit of room left around the edge. You still want to see some of the bark from the tree.

Fiskars Classroom Organization Ideas 03

5. Once you have all the chores cut out, use the hot glue gun to attach the paper to the tree cookies and then let dry.

6. Use a hot glue gun to attach magnets to the back of the tree cookies. Press firmly and wait to dry.

Fiskars Classroom Organization Ideas 04

7. Find a visible place to display your chore chart.

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