Clay Jewelry Dish

by Lisa Storms

These little dishes are very useful gifts to give to anyone, to store coins, keys, and jewelry. They are also fun to make and quite addictive.

Clay Jewelry Dish
Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 02

1. Condition Sculpey oven-bake clay per instructions.

2. Roll out clay on protected surface with acrylic roller to 1/4 inch or less in thickness.

3. Place onto texture plate (first sprinkle with water to avoid sticking) and roll gently.

4. Remove from texture plate gently and return to protected surface.

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 03

5. Place your Circle Shape Template onto clay and cut out with toothpick. Don't worry about any jagged edges as the clay can be sanded after baking.

Tip: You can first cut out the circle from a piece of wax paper to layer between clay and template for super quick clean-up.

6. Place upside down onto small paper bowl as shown gently pressing edges down and bake on baking sheet according to directions.

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 04

7. Once cooled, sand if needed and paint with acrylic paint as desired (try painting in grooves and removing excess paint from ridges with paper towel to accentuate texture) and finish with glossy top coat to protect.

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 05

Be sure to clean any clay from tools immediately.

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 06

You can try other large shapes, too. Here I've used the largest heart from the heart template.

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 07

This texture was created the same way using a background stamp.

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 08

Or stamp a single design. Just play around and have fun!

Fiskars DIY Clay Jewelry Dish 09

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