Fabric Lunch Bag

by Patti Milazzo

This quick and easy lunch sack can be made in a snap. The bag is much stronger than a standard paper bag yet its single layer of fabric keeps this project very simple.

Best of all, it's reusable and easy to fold up and tuck away when you're done with it.


1. Cut 2 – 12 inch x 16 inch pieces of fabric. Have the right sides facing each other.

2. Cut out 3 inch squares from the bottom two corners. I used the corner of my acrylic ruler to measure the area.

Fiskars DIY Fabric Lunch Bag 02

3. Fold down the top edge twice and press flat to create a finished edge at the bags opening. Do this to both top edges.

4. Pin the sides and machine stitch down each side.

5. Stitch a top seam around the top edge of the opening of the bag.

6. Stitch across the shortened bottom edge.

7. With the bag still inside out, flatten the bottom to make the open edges and the seams from the bottom and side meet on each side. Stitch across each bottom side. The bag will fold just like a regular paper bag.

8. Turn the bag right side out.

9. Securely stitch a looped piece of ribbon to the inside top edge of the bag's opening.

Fiskars DIY Fabric Lunch Bag 03

10. Stitch a large button just below the top edge of the other side to complete the bag.

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