Waterproof Duck Tape® Beach Bag

by Jade Harrington

Why buy a beach bag when you can create your very own?

Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag

You can use bold colored Duck Tape® and create a one-of-kind bag of your own.

Fiskars Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag 02

Step 1: Lay out your trash bag on a clean, flat surface. I opened it up completely by cutting the sides and leaving the bottom piece connected.

Step 2: Get a ruler and draw a 32 x 16 inch square.

Step 3: Double check your measurements before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: After choosing your colors, cut a strip of tape with your Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors and place it at the very top of your square. It's ok if your tape hangs over the line a bit, we will be cutting it in the end. Continue until you have filled in your square completely.

Fiskars Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag 03

Step 5: After you fill your entire square with tape, flip the trash bag over. You will see the line you drew in the beginning.

Step 6: Use your Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors and cut out your square.

Step 7: Flip your design over, right side up. Don't worry if some of your lines look slanted or crooked; in the end it will be fine.

Fiskars Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag 04

Step 8: Fold your piece in half, making sure each of the ends touch.

Step 9: Cut a strip of white duck tape and place it over the side of the bag.

Step 10: Make sure to leave enough hanging off the edge to wrap around the other side.This will closeoff the side of the bag.

Fiskars Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag 05

Step 11: Gently pinch the side, adhering the tape to the bag.

Step 12: Trim the excess.

Step 13: Create the bottom of the bag by placing one hand at the top while pushing in one corner with the other hand. Grab the corner from the inside and flatten it out inside the bag.

Step 14: Place a piece of tape on these flaps to secure. This is what your bag will look like when you are done with the inside.

Making the straps:

Fiskars Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag 06

Step 1: Cut a white piece of tape that is 26 1/2 inches long and place it sticky side up.

Step 2: Cut a piece of neon green tape that is 25 1/2 inches long and carefully place it directly on top of the sticky white strip leaving a little bit of the white tape hanging off. The excess white tape will be used to stick to the inside of the bag.

Fiskars Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag 07

Step 3: Place the sticky side of the strap on the inside of your bag. Repeat the process on the opposite side for a second strap.

Step 4: Secure the strips by placing two strips of tape on top of them.

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