New Neighbor Welcome Gift

by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

Moving can be hard, stressful and exhausting. But being welcomed into a new neighborhood by friendly faces can renew the mover's spirit in a flash. Welcome your new neighbors in style with this thoughtful handmade gift!

New Neighbor Welcome Gift
Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 02
  1. Use a Tag Maker Punch to punch two tags out of cardstock. This punch is great because it perfectly punches the tag hole and can even add the eyelet.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 03
  1. Punch out a shape with a large Squeeze Punch. Stamp  'Hi!' onto the shape using the basic alphabet font stamp set. Attach it to the tag using a pop-dot.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 04
  1. Cut a piece of kraft wrapping paper into a 20" x 20" square. A good way to make sure the paper is large enough to cover the plant base is to measure and see if the top of the paper will touch the top of the plant.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 05
  1. Use low tack tape, and gently adhere the kraft paper to the cutting mat (or table) to prevent it from rolling as you stamp.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 06
  1. Add your neighbor's new address to the stamp block set, then ink and stamp! The pattern is completely up to you. Make the wrapping paper colorful by stamping with multiple ink colors, or keep it simple by using a single ink for the paper.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 07
  1. Cut a piece of twine to wrap around the plant. The twine can be longer or shorter, depending on the desired length of the bow.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 08
  1. With the plant in the center, wrap the custom paper around and secure with twine. Feed the tag through the twine to attach it.

Fiskars DIY Neighbor Gift 09
  1. Fluff, bend and fold the paper around the plant to show off the stamped design and put the finishing touches on this thoughtful gift. Your neighbor will surely appreciate the warm welcome to the neighborhood.

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