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Hand Crafted Valentines

by Lisa Storms

Handcrafting Valentines each year for the kids to give to friends can be fun and simple!

Monkey valentine card

Here are a few ideas for handmade Valentines taking advantage of the quickness Fiskars tools adds to assembly-line cards. And the cuteness!

Fiskars DIY Hand Crafted Valentines 02

You Rock

These go together very quickly and are always a hit with the kids!

1. Create text box twice the width of candy and tall enough to cover up all of the miscellaneous cover text.

2. Add text as shown and print. Trim edges with pinking edgers or shears.

3. Fold around wrapper and staple at side seam so you do not disturb candy inside.

4. Add three music note punches randomly.

Fiskars DIY Hand Crafted Valentines 03

I'm Bananas for You
This monkey is not only incredibly cute, he goes together very easily with a few punches.

1. Punch an XL circle, XL heart, XL oval, and two pop-up punch circles.

2. Punch two 1/8 inch circles from heart as shown. This allows you to add eyes by simply layering without adhering little pieces.

Fiskars DIY Hand Crafted Valentines 04

3. Adhere monkey pieces together as shown.

4. Add candy bananas (sold in bulk at candy stores) to treat bag, fold over top of bag and staple once.

5. Cut a folded piece of cardstock with scalloped blade and staple over top of bag. This is a good time to address "to" and "from" on back of cardstock before assembling.

6. Add monkey piecing and sentiment strip to front as shown.

Fiskars DIY Hand Crafted Valentines 05

You're Grrrrreat!
Add a fun face to a lollipop to give it personality! Here are two versions depending on how much time you have to spend!

Simplified Version
1. Trace 2.5 inch circle onto back of orange cardstock using shape template.

2. Cut along drawn circle with Deckle decorative edgers.

3. Punch a large circle and adhere centered.

4. Draw on mouth and add small punched heart for nose and googly eyes.

5. Adhere to front of lollipop with glue dots.

6. Print out sentiment onto cardstock, gently fold, and adhere to stick as shown.

7. Punch XL circle to add "to" and "from" to back of lollipop.

Fiskars DIY Hand Crafted Valentines 06

Alternate Version

1. Trim 1.25 x 12 inch strip of orange cardstock. Using scoring blade in rotary trimmer, score every one quarter inch and accordion fold.

2. Adhere ends together and press down at center to flatten and adhere to punched circle with strong adhesive.

3. Continue the same as above beginning with Step 3.