Mother's Day Mixed Media Shadow Box

by Stephenie Hamen

At this time of the year, it is time to figure out a great gift for my mom.

Shadow Box

Maybe it is time to make her something that is not only pretty, but meaningful as well. Why not create a springy and cute shadow box with a favorite photo?

First open up and remove the backing, pins, and inner layers. This one was basically all one piece – the backer was directly attached to the fabric-topped pin board. Yours may be in separate pieces.

Add a thick layer of gesso to the frame. You can use the brush to add depth and bumps so that it has extra texture. Next prime the sides with a layer of gesso as well. Let this dry.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 02

Trim down your corrugated cardboard paper to fit on top of the backer.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 03

Paint the edges of the backer and let that dry.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere the cardboard to the backer.

The next step is to create the art board flower piece.

Using the intricate shape punch, cut out three flower shapes out of a basic cardstock.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 04

Use them as masks for the gel medium. Paint the gel medium onto the art board and let it start to dry. Remove the masks before it is completely dry so that it does not glue down.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 05

Once it was completely dry, start painting with Gelatos. Once it dries over the flowers, you can use a damp paper towel or baby wipe to remove the color from the gel medium area, leaving you with a pretty image beneath.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 06

While the art board is drying, grab your dry frame and paint a layer of acrylic paint in your chosen color over the top of the gesso. Sit it to the side and let that dry.

To complete your art piece, use your permanent marker and make super basic and completely random lines – try NOT to be precise when doing this – to create a variety of flowers.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 07

Use your hot glue gun and glue the art board on top of the corrugate. Using pop dots for dimension, add in your photo. Then add your sentiment.

Fiskars Mothers Day Mixed Media Shadow Box 08

Now it is just a matter of putting the frame back together. To finish it off, add a couple of fabric flowers to the corner with some hot glue.

Happy Mother's Day!

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