Teacher Appreciation

by Lisa Storms

With the school year beginning to wrap up, now is a great time to stop and say thank you to the special teachers in our lives.

Here are a few ideas to try putting your Fiskars tools to work!

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 02

Apple Core Spool Card

Here's a creative way to say thank you!

1. Paint a large wooden spool (from the craft store) red and set aside to dry.

2. Type or handprint a thank you note on a strip of white paper or cardstock one half inch wider than the spool's interior. Leave an empty space at the beginning wide enough to wrap around spool once.

3. Run a scalloped border punch down both sides of strip.

4. Adhere beginning of strip to spool (I used glue dots) and wrap around once adhering again so spool is covered. Wrap message around spool and tie closed.

5. Punch a 1/4 inch heart and cut in half. Glue to core for seeds.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 03

6. Roll a rectangle of brown cardstock and insert into center. Add glue to secure if shifting.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 04

Teaching Award Ribbon Card

This card doubles as a wearable award pin!

1. Cut strip of striped cardstock approximately half the diameter of desired rosette.

2. Run Apron Lace border punch down one side.

3. Using scoring blade in rotary trimmer, score between each scallop along strip and accordion fold.

4. Adhere ends together in a continuous circle and press down at center to hot glue secured onto a circle punch.

5. Cut a heart from red cardstock using Ultra ShapeXpress and heart template. Trim off bottom of heart to resemble an apple.

6. Punch a small green circle and feed back through punch partially to create leaf. Hand-cut simple stem and assemble apple at center.

7. Cut two strips of patterned paper and adhere to back to form ribbons.

8. Adhere (or use self-adhesive like I did) pinback to back of award ribbon.

9. Fold white cardstock in half to create card base. Round edges with corner punch.

10. Mark the two closures of pinback onto card front with pencil and punch out with largest eyelet setter on protected surface.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 05

11. Open pinback and insert into created holes and close to secure.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 06

Apple Leaf Card and Snack

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 07

This simple card doubles as a healthy snack!

1. Cut out leaf using shape template and Ultra ShapeXpress. Add handwritten text or preprint text before cutting.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 08

2. Punch a 1/8 inch hole at one side of leaf to tie onto stem with bakers twine, string, or thin ribbon.

Flower Gifts

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 09

Simple Pencil Flower Insert

1. Punch an XL scalloped circle from cardstock. Hand-write sentiment or preprint before punching.

2. Punch 1/4 inch circle at center and feed onto pencil eraser to create flower center.

3. Cut leaf using same technique as apple card above and adhere to pencil with glue dot.

Pennant Banner

1. Punch six XL oval punches from assorted cardstock, fold in half, and add letter to each spelling out 'thanks'.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 10

2. Adhere closed over double strand of string.

3. Knot both strings together on each end of banner. Tie each end around pencil eraser above metal and tie securely.

4. Insert each pencil into plant to hold banner.

Fiskars DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 11

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