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Baby Halloween Costumes

by Lia Griffith

No-sew baby costumes are an easy way to get your little one dressed up to celebrate their first Halloween.

Baby Halloween Costumes

To make these simple no-sew costumes, begin by downloading the patterns. Following the pattern, cut all of the felt pieces using the Amplify® Mixed Media Shears. The mixed media shears cut through several layers of felt quickly and easily, making this a step a quick one.

Felt Owl Pattern
Felt Flower Pattern

Owl Costume

Create this adorable no-sew baby owl costume for the little one in your life with felt, scissors and glue. Using a blue hooded onesie, and a selection of felts in blue, purple and green, you can turn your little cutie into a beautiful bright eyed owl for the spooky holiday. And because every little owl needs a trusty tree to rest in when he gets sleepy, we have included the instructions and pattern for turning a simple brown hooded sweatshirt into a tree costume for mom or dad.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 02

1. Layer the cut out feathers along the front and back of the onesie and glue in place along the top edges of each one.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 03

2. Cut and glue the eyes and eyebrows in place on the hood of the onesie, then add the tummy pieces to either side of the front zipper. This will complete the baby owl part of the costume.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 04

3. To make the tree, fold the cut out leaves in half and press with a hot iron. This will give the tree some dimension. Glue the pressed leaves onto the brown hooded sweatshirt in random places.

Flower Costume

Nurture your little flower with this super-cute costume. Using felts in pink, yellow and green you can make this simple no-sew costume with just scissors and glue.

1.Start with a green onesie and a yellow cotton beanie in baby's size.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 05

2. Glue a strip of elastic to the front of the hat and have it form a circle approximately the same size as your baby's face.

3. Use scissors to fringe yellow strips of felt for the stamen, bunch them together and glue them all in place on the elastic.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 06

4. Use a dark pink marker to color the middle of your petals and glue these onto the back of the elastic. You can bunch the petals slightly in the middle as you glue them on to the elastic create a little more interest.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 07

4. Use pinking shears to cut your leaves, fold them in half and press with a hot iron before gluing onto the green onesie along the length of each arm.

Fiskars DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 08

8. Your baby is now ready for a festive Halloween!