DIY Gift Toppers

by Emma Jeffery

With these cute Christmas gift toppers, the wrapping may be just as memorable as the gifts you give your family and friends this year.

DIY Gift Toppers

This article will show you how to make rosette, banner and bow style gift toppers for your presents. Each idea is simple and uses a minimal number of tools, but the results will leave your gifts looking professional.

To Make The Rosette Gift Toppers:

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1. Use the Deluxe paper Trimmer with Aluminum Cut Rail to cut two pieces of cardstock to 3" x 6". Fold each strip – accordion style - and then fold in half to form a fan. This portable paper trimmer features a sturdy aluminum cut rail that helps prevent wobbly or curved cuts.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 03

2. Adhere the two pieces together to create a rosette, and secure at the center with twine.

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3. Cut a simple label from your favorite Tag Maker punch. After you punch the tag, you can conveniently punch the hang hole and set the eyelet using the tag hole punch at the front of the tool and the peg located on the back of the punch.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 05

4. Glue the rosette to the top of the gift box and attach the simple label with twine.

To Make The Wooden Banner Gift Topper:

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 06

1. Use the Thick Materials Punch to cut banner pieces from wood veneer. The punch will have no problem getting through this wood because it was designed specifically to easily cut through a variety of thick craft materials.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 07

2. Tie a thick piece of ribbon around your gift box, and adhere the wooden banner pieces to the top. Apply alpha stickers to the banner pieces to spell a festive word or the gift recipient's name. Wrap twine around the ribbon and banner to complete.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 08

To Make The Bow Gift Topper:

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 09

1. Cut two simple labels using the Label/Simple Double Tag Maker and four banners using the Banner/Artisan Double Tag Maker.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 10

2. Gently roll the two simple labels in half, avoiding putting a crease in the bend of the cardstock. Use The Original Orange-Handled Scissors™ to trim the flat end to match the angled end. This pair of classic and versatile scissors is great for any project around the house.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 11

3. Align the simple label on top of two of the banner labels, and trim the flat end of the banners to match the angle of the simple label.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 12

4. Adhere the trimmed banner shapes to the untrimmed banner shapes. Check that the untrimmed banners extend beyond the end of the trimmed banners. Curl up the points.

5. Adhere the two ends of simple labels together and glue to the banner pieces to create the bow loops.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 13

6. Use the paper trimmer again to cut a small piece of cardstock for the bow center. Gently roll in half and adhere.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 14

7. Adhere the sections of the bow together and attach to the top of a gift box.

Fiskars DIY Gift Topper Ideas 15

With just a couple of punches and some DIY basics, you can take your gift giving to the next level with these easy gift topper ideas.

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