Halloween Door Covers

by Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you are expecting little ones at your door this Halloween, you may want your decorations to be fun, whimsical, and not too scary. This Halloween door cover looks cute and is easy to make. All you need are a few tools– and it's the perfect project for eager little helpers!

Halloween Door Covers
Materials needed:
  • Cardstock
  • Kraft paper
  • Glue
Fiskars DIY Halloween Door Covers Decor 02

Step 1

Make some spooky eyeballs.

First, cut circles using the 1", 2", 2.5", 3", and 3.5" circle punches with the white card stock to create circles for the eyeballs, creating a dozen circles in each size. If you don't have five sizes, simply punch more circles of the sizes you do have.

Fiskars DIY Halloween Door Covers Decor 03

Then, use the 1/4", 3/4", and 1" circle punches to punch circles on black card stock to create the pupils. Create approximately 24 of each the 1/4" and 3/4" circles and 12 of the 1" circles. The circle punches are easy for adults and for kids to use.

Next, use a glue stick to apply the smaller black card stock circles to the white cardstock circles to create the eyeballs. You can use the 1/4" size on 1" and 2" circles, the 3/4" size on 2.5", 3", and 3.5" circles, and the 1" size on just a few of the large 3.5" circles. Let dry completely.

Step 2

Cover your door in kraft paper.

Measure enough black kraft paper to cover your front door or classroom door and use your Original Orange-Handled™ Scissors to cut the paper down to size. Use a Fiskars® craft knife and cutting mat to cut a space for the doorknob – or you can even use one of your circle punches to create a hole for the doorknob and deadbolt. The knife makes detail cutting easy for intricate door hardware. Use tape or removable poster adhesive squares to secure the black kraft paper to the door as tightly as possible.

Fiskars DIY Halloween Door Covers Decor 04

Step 3

Add eyeballs to the door.

Use a glue stick to apply the eyeballs to the black kraft paper, working from the bottom left to the upper right and applying the eyeballs in a random pattern. It is easiest to place the largest circles first, and then fill the area in with the smaller circles.

Fiskars DIY Halloween Door Covers Decor 05

Step 4

Add themed words to the door.

Write some of your favorite Halloween phrases in large block letters on white printer paper, and then cut those letters out using the scissors. Don't worry about making the block letters totally perfect – the differences in size and shape of hand drawn letters are perfect for Halloween.

Fiskars DIY Halloween Door Covers Decor 06

Step 5

Keep your little ghosts and ghouls involved!

If you have tiny assistants helping you with the door covers, let them use a Fiskars® kids scissors to practice their cutting skills and cut out a few letters – with a bit of encouraging help and supervision, of course. Use your knife to cut out the inside of any letters. Finally, use a glue stick to apply the letters to the door cover and start celebrating the tricks and treats of Halloween.