DIY Hostess Gift in a Jar Ideas

by Smitha Katti

Need a last minute gift? These cookie mix jars are easy to make ahead of time and then store in a pantry or closet, ready to grab when you're in a pinch.

DIY Hostess Gift in a Jar Ideas

Mason jars are such an easy and versatile element to work with in any DIY project, especially for the gift giving season. It only takes a few supplies to create a personalized and homemade gift for anybody on your Christmas list.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 02

1. First, fill the mason jars with your cookie mix, layering in assorted, colorful holiday candy.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 03

2. Add extra flare by putting doilies on the top of the mason jars before screwing the lids on.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 04

3. Using the Tag Maker, punch tag shapes out of festive holiday patterned papers.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 05

4. Insert the already punched tag shape into the smaller opening of the Tag Maker punch. This punch comes with a built-in hole punch, so you don't need to bring out any extra hole punches. The hole is centered automatically for you, helping to create perfect tags every time.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 06

5. Use the Holiday Stamps to add thoughtful sentiments to the tags. Acrylic stamps are great because you can arrange them in any design you want, and it's easy to see exactly where you are stamping.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 07

6. Use the Amplify® Mixed Media Shears to cut out circles from patterned papers. Don't hesitate to cut multiple layers of paper with the shears because they are designed to cut through thick materials and multiple layers of cardstock.

Fiskars Hostess Gift Jar 08

7. Layer the punched tag onto the circle and secure to the front of each mason jar with twine. Attach baking instructions for the cookies to the back of the jar.

Keep several of these delightful mason jars on hand for last minute gift giving ideas that are sure to spread holiday cheer.

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