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Corkboard Map

by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

Keep track of all your travels with a mini corkboard travel map. This cute little map looks perfect on a book shelf and works great in a small space. With every glance you'll look back and remember all the special trips you've taken, and you'll look forward to adding more pins!

Corkboard Map
Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 02

1. Using the Fingertip Detail Knife, carefully cut out a USA map. Be sure to use a cutting mat so that you do not damage your works surface. The Fingertip Detail Knife gives you cutting control while also being super comfortable. This map was a 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper, but you can use any small map that you find.

Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 03

2. Using the Swivel Detail Knife, go back and cut more detail into the map. This knife has a small, swivel blade that rotates 360°, which makes cutting curves and intricate patterns easy.

Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 04

3. Place your map on top of the cork foam board and trace around it using a felt tip pen, about 3/4" out from the map.

Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 05

4. Now cut the new map shape out of the cork foam board using the Heavy-duty Easy Change Detail Knife. This knife has a hefty, durable handle to withstand heavy-duty cutting tasks and the easy blade change lock makes switching blades virtually effortless.

Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 06

5. If you would like to smooth out the edges, you can do so with a nail file. Place the cut map on top of the foam to make sure you're happy with the shape. Apply the map to the cork foam board using scrapbooking adhesive.

Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 07

6. Punch a little heart using the Heart Hole Punch to show where you're from, or where your heart belongs. Cut down a pop dot to add the heart to the map.

Fiskars DIY Corkboard Map 08

7. Using small map pins - mark all the places you've traveled!