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DIY Poster Frame Tutorial

by Emma Jeffery

This hanging frame is the perfect DIY to display beautiful artwork and freshen up your walls.

DIY Poster Frame Tutorial

I wanted to find a better way to hang my artwork than sticking it in a pre-bought frame or simply tacking to the wall. By joining together a few wooden planks, I got the end result I was looking for!

Start by finding an art piece you love and locating the spot in your home you want it to hang. Then take note of the colors and textures around it. You'll just need to buy a stain that matches your current color theme plus a few pieces of wood and you'll be ready to DIY!

Steps to Making a DIY Poster Frame

1. Cut the wood to size. Cut the four wooden planks to the same width as the artwork you selected using the Fiskars® Precision Hand Saw. Sand the cut edges if necessary.

Fiskars DIY Poster Frame Tutorial 02

2. Drill holes. Mark the desired screw placement on each end of the wooden planks. Place the largest drill bit, measuring 3/16", into the Fiskars® Precision Hand Drill. Drill holes through two planks at the same time to ensure accurate alignment.

Fiskars DIY Poster Frame Tutorial 03

3. Finish the frame. Place the barrel of the binding post through the hole from the back to the front on one piece of wood. Gently tap with the Fiskars® Precision Hammer to secure. Next, place the artwork on top of the wood, and tape in place. This tape will not be visible as the frame will cover this section completely. Put a second plank on top, sandwiching the artwork in between the layers. Screw on the cap screw and tighten with the Fiskars® Precision Screwdriver. Repeat for the wooden planks at the bottom of the artwork.

Fiskars DIY Poster Frame Tutorial 04

4. Hang the artwork. Using the wire cutter on the Fiskars® PowerCut™ Easy Action™ Snips, cut a length of twine for hanging. Staple the ends of the twine to the back of the top wood panel using the Fiskars® Precision Staple Gun, then hang from a hook. Check alignment using the Fiskars® Precision Level.

Fiskars DIY Poster Frame Tutorial 05

Poster Inspiration – What can I hang in my frame?

Anything you want! I like visiting local art fairs to find prints, and always browse the internet for images I think will be great for my home. I ordered this print online because I knew it would work in my space, but the options are endless. Visit an art museum gift shop for famous prints or add in a homemade work by you or your kids.

How much do the materials for this project cost?

Frames can be expensive, especially when they need to be custom ordered to fit a favorite print. Thankfully, this is an easy DIY with an easy price tag. $10 is all it takes to make the frame, so add that to the cost of your artwork and you'll know the grand total.

Fiskars DIY Poster Frame Tutorial 06