DIY Succulent Shadow Box

by Laurie March

Even small space-dwellers can experience the joys of having a garden of their own. Using a few tools and some simple supplies, you can create a vintage-inspired shadowbox that is perfect for a small space garden.

DIY Succulent Shadow Box
Fiskars Succulent Shadow Box 02

1. Place the 10.5" boards on the inside of the 24" boards, so that the overall box dimension is 12"x24", use the IsoCore™ Hammer to nail boards together. The Iso-Core™ hammer absorbs shock and vibration to reduce the stress your body takes while working on projects. Repeat on the other side to make the rectangle for the shadow box.

Fiskars Succulent Shadow Box 03

2. If you are using faux copper tile sheets with 6"x6" tile, use the tile outlines as a guide. Using the 8" Amplify® Mixed Media Shears, precisely cut out a 2 square by 3 square rectangle shape in the faux tile. The shears are designed to cut through thick and heavy materials, making cutting through the faux copper sheets easier than ever. If your tile sheets do not have 6"X6" tiles, simply measure a 12"X18" rectangle and cut that out.

Fiskars Succulent Shadow Box 04

3. Paint the inside and outside of the shadow box with white paint. Let the paint dry, and add a second coat if needed.

Fiskars Succulent Shadow Box 05

4. When the paint is dry, lay the tile on the back of the shadow box and use the hammer and 1 ¼" nails to gently attach the faux tile onto the back of the box.

Fiskars Succulent Shadow Box 06

5. Next, it is time to plant the succulents. Use the Big Grip Hand Trowel and potting soil to pot the succulents into small vases.

Fiskars Succulent Shadow Box 07

6. Display your happily-potted succulents in your new windowsill shadowbox.

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