Upcycled Headboard

by Emma Jeffery

Upcycling a tired headboard is an easy way to make a big impact on bedroom dècor. Follow these directions to refresh your bedroom and transform your space to fit your personal style.

Fiskars Upcycled Head Board Ideas 02

1. Start by giving an old wooden bed frame a fresh coat of paint.

2. If the headboard is not already square, use a saw to trim away any curved sides and create a straight edge. This will make wrapping the fabric smoother and easier.

Fiskars Upcycled Head Board Ideas 03

3. Measure the height and width of the headboard and record the measurements. Use Amplify® Shears (8") to trim the foam to the same size as the headboard. The shears are designed to make quick work of thick materials.

Fiskars Upcycled Head Board Ideas 04

4. Cut the batting to the same size as the foam and adhere the batting to the top side of the foam. The batting will provide an extra layer of comfort and ensure that your upcycled headboard feels as good as it looks.

Fiskars Upcycled Head Board Ideas 05

5. Use the Adjustable Three-Position Rotary Cutter and the Acrylic Ruler to trim the upholstery fabric to size. The fabric should be cut about 8 inches longer and wider than the foam. Using the rotary cutter in the power position will facilitate easier cutting of heavy-weight fabrics.

Fiskars Upcycled Head Board Ideas 06

6. Place the fabric on your work surface with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Put the foam in the center of the fabric, with the batting side against the fabric. Wrap the two short ends of the fabric around the foam. Glue in place and allow the glue to dry so the fabric doesn't move when working on the next step.

Fiskars Upcycled Head Board Ideas 07

7. Place the fabric and foam on the front of the wooden headboard and pull the excess fabric from the long sides over the back to finish wrapping the headboard. Smooth out any wrinkles before stapling in place using a heavy-duty stapler. Once the fabric has been stapled at the top and bottom and the fabric is secure, you're done.

Whether you're refreshing a guest room or updating your own room, upcycling your headboard is a great way to give a room a comfortable and inviting feel.

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