Handy Laundry Tips Booklet

by Emma Jeffery

Stay organized and efficient with a DIY laundry tips booklet.

Handy Laundry Tips Booklet

1. Write or print out your chosen tips and ideas on to cardstock. Make sure your print out or writing is smaller than 3"h x 2"w so that your instructions stay within the shape when you punch it out.

Fiskars DIY Laundry Tips Book 02

2. Cover the cardstock with a laminate sheet to ensure longevity.

Fiskars DIY Laundry Tips Book 03

3. Insert the laminated cardstock into the Simple Tag Maker and cut tag shape pages for your booklet.

Fiskars DIY Laundry Tips Book 04

4. Use the hole punch at the front of the tag maker tool to produce holes in each tag, and tie together with a piece of twine or use a binder ring.

Fiskars DIY Laundry Tips Book 05

Visit this book when you are looking for tips and tricks to get those tough stains out, or use as a place to record special washing instructions for your favorite garments.

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