Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations

by Smitha Katti

Bring the colors of Thanksgiving into your house with these easy kid's table decorating ideas. With just a few Fiskars tools and some basic supplies, you and your kids can make these no-sew place mats, glitter pumpkins and rustic burlap name cards in no time at all.

Thanksgiving always brings families together for a big meal and many times there isn't room for everybody at one table. This year, start new traditions with some décor around the kids table that is designed just for them. They will feel special that they have a place of their own. Plus they will have an activity to keep them busy in case they finish their meal early.

Table Décor:

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 02

1. Have kids drizzle glue onto the pumpkins and let the glue drip down naturally.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 03

2. After a few minutes, sprinkle glitter on top and let the glue dry overnight. These glittered pumpkins are so simple to create and will look stunning on your table.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 04

3. Have kids punch out tag shapes from cardstock using the Label Tag Maker punch.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 05

4. Write your guests' names on the tags and adhere these onto small burlap-covered canvases to make rustic name cards.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 06

5. To make quick placemats, cut felt into large rectangles using The Original Orange-Handled Scissors™. These scissors have stainless-steel blades that offer a sharp edge and can cut multiple layers of felt beautifully. Also, by using felt for your placemats, you do not need to sew the edges.

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6. To embellish the placemats easily, cut a length of ribbon using your scissors.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 08

7. Attach the ribbon onto the front of the felt placemats using a strong fabric adhesive. It's so easy to create simple embellishments that look professional.

Kids Activities:

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 09

1. Have kids mount Thanksgiving Sentiment stamps onto the Stamp Press. The grid lines on the stamp press help make sure that the stamps are mounted correctly. Ink and stamp onto cardstock to create "I am so Thankful" pages.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 10

2. To keep kids engaged during your thanksgiving festivities, have the kids write down what they are thankful for. This is a great way to keep the kids entertained, while the adults enjoy their meal.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 11

3. The younger kids can color onto yellow and orange construction papers with crayons. The coloring does not need to be perfect; you just need them to add random color spots.

4. Using the Family Tree Intricate punch, punch out tree shapes from these colored pages for the kids. The intricate punches create the most detailed and beautiful patterns that will excite the kids. Adhere these punched shapesonto a burlap canvas or a notecard for the kids to take home as gifts.

Fiskars Kids Thanksgiving Table Decorations 12

Having kids help craft and create the table décor makes the holidays that much more special. Not only will they feel involved, but they will also be keeping the sentiment of the holiday close to heart.

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