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Sparkle for the New Year

by Nicole Reis

This year, use the Fiskars® Confetti Making and Winter Party Décor sets to bring accents of light-catching metallics to table displays and raised glasses, ushering in possibility with an elegant glow.

Fiskars® - Sparkle for the New Year


Fiskars® - Raise a charming, star-patterned glass

Raise a charming, star-patterned glass

Use the Confetti Making Set to punch star confetti from black and gold vinyl. Then, decorate glasses or flutes using the stars. Make matching flutes or, for that special touch, create unique designs for each guest.

Fiskars® - Alluring details

Alluring details

Insert a beverage stir stick into a 1” diameter Styrofoam ball. Then, with the ball lightly coated with adhesive, cover the ball in confetti punched from the Confetti Making Set. For intriguing variety, try using different size Styrofoam balls as well as variations of color and confetti shape.

Fiskars® - A glamorous glass holder

A glamorous glass holder

Select a beverage-shaped resin mold. Pour in resin, and then add in punched out confetti and party shapes into the resin. Leave mold to set. Looking for a bit more sparkle? Don’t forget to add glitter in colors that complement your party’s color story.

Fiskars® - Razzle-dazzle around the room

Razzle-dazzle around the room

Using the 1” punch from the Party Décor Set, make disks from metallic cardstock and vinyl. Adorn tabletops with just the disks, or attach the disks to string and hang in light-catching garlands around the room.