Mixed Media Layout

by Emma Jeffery

Using the new Amplify® Mixed Media Shears, you can bring a variety of tough materials to your mixed media layouts.

Mixed Media Layout

1. Start with a sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock. I used watered-down paint to flick paint splotches as a background.

2. Insert two brads, centrally positioned along the top half of the cardstock. Use your 6" Amplify® Shears to cut a length of wire and wrap it between the two brads. Allow the ends of the wire to hang artfully.

Fiskars Mixed Media Layout 02

3. Create little flags to hang on the wire by carefully cutting shapes from a clean soda can. Curl the edges slightly to create 'movement'.

Fiskars Mixed Media Layout 03

4. Cut a piece of cork sheet to use as your photo mount on the center of your page. Round off the corners with your Amplify® Shears.

Fiskars Mixed Media Layout 04

5. Cut a piece of plastic canvas mesh and stitch a pattern through the mesh using a needle and embroidery floss.

Fiskars Mixed Media Layout 05

6. Layer your embellishments behind the cork sheet for added dimension and add a sentiment if desired. I also added a doily for extra texture.

Fiskars Mixed Media Layout 06

7. To finish, I cut a length of red wire with my Amplify® Shears and created a simple heart shape which I added to the layout.

Fiskars Mixed Media Layout 07

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