No Sew Pillow Embellishment

by Emma Jeffery

Creating a colorful space can be as simple as adding a splash of fresh spring color to your existing décor. Nothing can be simpler than this textural, no-sew cushion embellishment, which will give your space a fresh, new feel without breaking the bank.

DIY No Sew Pillows
Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 02

1. Use the Fabric Circle Cutter to quickly and easily cut multiple circles from wool felt. To use the circle cutter, fold the wool felt in half and align the guide markings on the circle cutter with the fold. Place the cutting tool in the slot as shown, press down and draw the tool through the slot to achieve a perfect circle every time.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 03

2. For this cushion, you will need a total of 22 size 4 circles and 50 size 3 circles. To create the flower center, you will need 6 size 2 circles. We used 4 different colors for our cushion. If you want to do the same, here's the breakdown for the number of circles you'll need for each round of petals.

  • Round 1 (size 4 circles of color 1) – cut 22 circles
  • Round 2 and 3 (size 3 circles of color 2) – cut 34 circles
  • Round 4 and 5 (size 3 circles of color 3) – cut 16 circles
  • Center flower (size 2 circles of color 4) – cut 6 circles
Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 04

3. Fold two sides of each circle in towards the center and glue in place with a hot glue gun. Repeat for every felt circle.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 05

4. Draw a 10" diameter circle on the center front of your cushion cover. Tip: trace around a dinner plate for a quick, accurate template.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 06

5. Glue the folded size 4 circles around the circle with the glue gun until the circle is entirely covered.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 07

6. For the next round of circles, offset the position of the petals from the round before and glue in place.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 08

7. Repeat for 3 more rounds until you have 5 rounds of petals and are ready to create a center for the flower.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 09

8. To create the flower's center, fold 5 circles into quarters and glue them together. Adhere each of the folded circles on the remaining size 2 circle and glue to the center of the cushion.

Fiskars DIY Embellished Pillow 10

You now have a nice pop of spring color to brighten up your living room or bedroom space.

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