DIY Hanukkah Table Runner

by Emma Jeffery

Decorating your home for the holidays is a tradition that many of us share. Make this simple, beaded tassel runner for your Hanukkah tablescape and add some natural elements like pine cones and leafy fronds to set the scene.

DIY Hanukkah Table Runner

1. Find the size of your finished table runner. Start by measuring the width and length of your table to determine the desired size of your finished table runner. Add 1" to your measurements for the seam allowance.

2. Cut your fabric. Next, use the Fiskars® Classic Stick Rotary Cutter and Fiskars® Acrylic Ruler to cut the main and backing fabrics to size. Fold the fabric in half before cutting, if necessary, and lay on top of the Fiskars® Cutting Mat


Fiskars DIY Hanukkah Table Runner 02

3. Cut the pointed ends of the table runner. Fold back the short ends of the fabric to form a point and use the Fiskars® Orange-handled Scissors™ to cut along the fold.

Fiskars DIY Hanukkah Table Runner 03

4. Create the decorative tassels. Open up a skein of embroidery thread and cut a length of cotton about 6" long with the scissors. Tie this thread around the skein and knot. Trim the bottom of the loop and any longer strands.

Fiskars DIY Hanukkah Table Runner 04

5. Add beads to the tassel. Braid together a few strands of thread on either side of the top of the tassel, and thread beads.

Fiskars DIY Necklace 04

6. Sew the tassels to the table runner. Place the main fabric piece on your work surface with the right side of the fabric facing you. Position and pin a tassel on each pointed end of the table runner. The tassels should lay 'upside down' so that the threads of the tassel lay along the fabric. Sew a few stitches to hold the tassel in place.

Fiskars DIY Hanukkah Table Runner 06

7. Sew the table runner. Pin the table runner backing fabric on top of the main fabric, so that the right sides of the fabrics are facing each other. The tassels will be sandwiched between the layers. Pin, then sew, around the perimeter of the table runner, using a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave a 6" hole unsewn in one long side of the table runner.

8. Finish the table runner. To finish, turn the table runner inside out through the hole you left. Poke out the pointed ends with your finger for a clean point. Press the seams with an iron and topstitch around the entire table runner, closing the turning hole as you do so.

Fiskars DIY Hanukkah Table Runner 07
Fiskars DIY Hanukkah Table Runner 08

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