Baby Blanket

by Emma Jeffery

A simple, soft, DIY baby blanket can make a perfect gift. When the baby's name has been chosen, a monogrammed blanket will create a sweet and personalized addition to the new baby's room.

Baby Blanket or Quilt
Fiskars DIY Monogram Baby Blanket 02

1. Pre-wash all fabric that will be used to create the blanket. Use the Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo to trim both yards of fabric to the same size. This tool will help you get perfectly straight and clean cuts, especially along the longer cuts of fabric, since the blade is attached to the ruler.

Fiskars DIY Monogram Baby Blanket 03

2. Apply two-sided craft fusible web to the back of a piece of felt. Trace the desired initials on to the backing paper and use the 8" Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears to cut out the initials. These shears are great for obtaining precise cuts with fabrics.

Fiskars DIY Monogram Baby Blanket 04

3. Add the felt to the minky fabric, and then, blanket stitch the outer edge of the letters.

4. Place the minky fabric and cotton print together with right sides facing. Pin around the perimeter, but leave a 6" hole along one of the sides. Sew the two pieces of fabric together.

Fiskars DIY Monogram Baby Blanket 05

5. Use the Amplify Fabric Shears to trim the seam allowance and the corners of the blanket.

Fiskars DIY Monogram Baby Blanket 06

6. Turn the blanket to the right side through the turning hole. Make a top stitch around the entire edge of the blanket, closing the turning hole as you do so.

This baby blanket will serve as a soft and cozy keepsake for years to come, made especially by you.

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