DIY Pillow Bed Tutorial

by Emma Jeffery

Indulge your creativity by sewing this DIY pillow bed. It's the perfect space-saving, comfy spot for sleepover guests.

DIY Pillow Bed Tutorial
Fiskars DIY Bed Pillow Tutorial 02

1. Use the Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo (6" x 24") to cut your fabric to 2 yards plus 6" in length. Lay the fabric on your work surface with the right side of the fabric facing you.

2. Draw a chalk line 7" long on the side of the fabric facing you. Fold the fabric lengthwise, but not in half. One side will need to be 7" longer than the other. Then fold that 7" back over on to the rest of the fabric to create a flap.

3. Pin along the top non-selvedge edge and sew with a 1" seam allowance, being sure to catch all the layers of fabric in your stitches. Repeat for the opposite end of the fabric.

Fiskars DIY Bed Pillow Tutorial 03

2. Trim the seam allowances using the 8" Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabrics Shears, then turn the fabric to the right side, ensuring that the pillow flap is on the inside of the cover. Lay flat on your work surface. Ensure that all corners and edges are squared up with the grid lines on your cutting mat, and that there are no creases or wrinkles in the fabric.

Fiskars DIY Bed Pillow Tutorial 04

3. Measure 19" down from the top edge and place pins across the entire width of the cover at this 19" mark. Stitch along this line.

Fiskars DIY Bed Pillow Tutorial 05

4. Lay the cover on your work surface again and repeat step 3 two more times, each time measuring 19" down from the previously stitched line. Rolling up the cover as you progress will help keep your fabric under control and your lines straight.

Fiskars DIY Bed Pillow Tutorial 06

5. Trim away any loose threads and insert the pillows to complete your comfy DIY pillow bed.

This cozy pillow, is great for any spot in the house for reading, watching TV or even taking a nap!

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