DIY Skirt

by Emma Jeffery

Create a festive look to celebrate the season with this DIY tutorial on a holiday party skirt.

DIY Skirt

1. Measure your waist and multiply by at least 1 ½ times (multiplying by more will give your skirt extra fullness). Record this measurement and then measure your desired skirt length, from your waist to where you want the skirt to finish. Add 1” and the width of your waistband elastic and record this number.

Fiskars DIY Simple Holiday Skirt 02

2. Use the Acrylic Ruler and Adjustable Three-Position Rotary Cutter to cut six panels of tulle and one panel of lining fabric, each measuring the dimensions you recorded in step 1.

Fiskars DIY Simple Holiday Skirt 03

3. Hem the bottom edge of the skirt lining. If you have a rolled hem foot for your sewing machine, this is the perfect opportunity to use it. If not, fold the lining over twice by 1/2” and stitch down. For more detailed instructions on how to hem, xhtml:title="How to hem" read the full hemming article.

Fiskars DIY Simple Holiday Skirt 04

4. Layer the six pieces of tulle on top of each other and baste together (temporarily sew together with long stitches) along the top edge. Spraying the tulle with a light mist of water will help ease any static and make the tulle much easier to work with.

Fiskars DIY Simple Holiday Skirt 05

5. Pin the right side of the skirt lining to the layers of tulle and sew together along the top edge. Turn the lining fabric over to the inside of the skirt, sandwiching the raw fabric edges between the layers.

Fiskars DIY Simple Holiday Skirt 06

6. Measure the waistband elastic around your waist and cut to size (your waist measurement minus one inch) using Orange-handled Scissors. Pin each end of the elastic to each end of the skirt's top edge. Sew the elastic to the top edge of the skirt, pulling the elastic taut as you do so.

Fiskars DIY Simple Holiday Skirt 07

7. Pin the skirt together at the side seam, ensuring you have caught all layers of tulle. Stitch the skirt together at the side seam and use the Amplify®RazorEdge™Shears (8") to trim the seam allowance (the area between the edge of the fabric and the stitching line, being careful not to cut into the stitches). Turn the skirt to the right side. Now you can enjoy the latest addition to your wardrobe for your next special occasion.

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