Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion

by Patti Milazzo

In preparation for the cooler fall weather and more crafting time, I've made a cute fabric pumpkin pincushion for my upcoming sewing projects.

It's covered with festive orange patterned fabrics and is just 4 inches wide. With Fiskars Supersize Shape Template and sewing tools it's a cinch to make.


1. Choose 2 patterned fabrics with a fall theme or color scheme. Using the 6" Supersize Shape Template, trace and cut 2 circles – one from each fabric.

Fiskars Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion 02

2. Use the Rotary Cutter and Acrylic Ruler and the Cutting Mat to cut both circles into even quarters.

Fiskars Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion 03

3. Swap the quartered pieces to alternate the pattern for each circle.

4. Start stitching (right sides facing in) along one side of the two adjacent pieces. This will form one half of the circle. Press the seam flat.

Fiskars Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion 04

5. Repeat step 4 for the other half of that circle and do the same for the other circle as well.

6. Then join the halves of each circle together and press seams flat.

7. Next, match up the two circles with right sides facing in and with the pattern of the top and bottom circles alternating.

Fiskars Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion 05

8. Stitch around the edge, leaving a 1.5 inch opening. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end to secure.

9. Turn the piece right side out and stuff with polyfil until the piece is somewhat firm. This will help to create a plump pumpkin.

10. Stitch the opening closed by hand.

11. Using a long doll or embroidery needle and 24" of coordinating embroidery thread pierce the center of the pumpkin from the bottom through the top center.

12. Wrap the thread over and around the pumpkin along the seam line between two fabric patterns. And again pierce the pumpkin from the bottom through the top center and pull the thread firmly to start shaping the pumpkin.

Fiskars Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion 06

13. Continue this pattern along each of the remaining 3 seams (pulling the thread firmly) and then begin dividing each quarter of the pumpkin to complete the plump sections ending with the thread through the bottom. Pull the thread firmly and knot.

14. Cut out two leaf shapes from green fabric, sew edges with right sides facing in and leave a small gap to turn out. Turn the leaf out, tuck the opening in and machine stitch around the edges.

15. Attach the leaf and curled ribbon to the pumpkin with thread or glue. The pumpkin pin cushion is now ready to use.

Fiskars Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion 07

Tip: Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees. To curl ribbon, tightly and evenly wrap grosgrain ribbon around a narrow wooden dowel and pin each end in place with wooden clothespins. Lightly spray the ribbon covered dowel with spray starch. Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 4-5 minutes. Let cool, unwrap and use on projects.

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