Craft Fingertip Tweezers

Our Fingertip Tweezers makes it easier than ever to pick up and place all the tiny embellishments like beads and jewels that make your homemade cards, scrapbook pages and other craft projects sparkle. An innovative reverse design opens the tweezers when you squeeze and closes them when you release so you don't have to strain your hand by applying constant pressure. A sculpted finger-loop handle provides improved control and a comfortable grip, and an angled tip makes it easy to see what you are picking up. Our Fingertip Tweezers even includes a unique shape to keep it from rolling off the table when you're in the middle of crafting.

  • Ideal for picking up and placing tiny papercrafting embellishments like beads and jewels
  • Reverse design squeezes to open and holds objects without constant pressure to reduce hand strain
  • Ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle acts as a place to rest your finger for maximum control, sensitivity and comfort
  • Angled tip provides a clear line of sight to make picking up small objects easier
  • Handle shape prevents the tweezers from rolling off the table
  • Lifetime warranty
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