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Fiskars® Gift Wrapping Set

Create beautifully wrapped gifts and party favors with Fiskars® Gift Wrapping Set, a curated assortment of three tools to put the finishing touches on any present. Smoothly glide through wrapping paper with Fiskars® Gift Wrap Cutter, featuring a double-honed blade and a built-in ribbon curler that doubles as a tape-burnishing tool for perfectly pressed seams. Fiskars® Corner Lever Punch instantly transforms any rectangular cutout into a traditional tag shape. Just cut your paper or cardstock into the size you want and punch two corners. A versatile SoftGrip™ Hand Punch completes your tags with a 1/8” hole for easy attachment to gifts and favors.

  • Fiskars® Gift Wrapping Set includes three tools for beautifully wrapped gifts & favors: Gift Wrap Cutter, Corner Lever Punch and Softgrip™ Hand Punch
  • Gift Wrap Cutter glides through wrapping paper with double-honed blade and features a built-in ribbon curler/tape-burnishing tool
  • Corner Lever Punch transforms any rectangular paper or cardstock cutout into a gift tag with two easy punches, for use with 80 lb. cardstock or lower
  • Set also includes Softgrip™ Hand Punch for quickly creating 1/8” holes
  • Full lifetime warranty
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