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Acrylic Centering Ruler (2" x 14")

Our Acrylic Centering Ruler features two sets of markings to make virtually any fabric cutting task easy and accurate. One side features a traditional ruler with markings up to 14". The other side starts at 7", goes down to 0" in the middle, then goes back up to 7" to make your centering tasks easier than ever. The durable acrylic design includes bold numbers for accuracy and broken grid lines for easy visibility of fabric edges.

  • Ideal for basic measuring-and-cutting tasks or centering tasks
  • One side features a traditional 1"-14" ruler
  • The other side features a 7"-0", 0"-7" scale specifically designed to make centering easier
  • Broken grid lines and easy-to-read measurements make measuring quick and accurate
  • Made of 3 mm-thick acrylic for lasting durability
  • Lifetime warranty
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