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The Original Orange-Handled Scissors™ (8") and Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5) (2-piece Set)

This convenient combination includes the Original Orange-Handled Scissors(TM) for general fabric-cutting needs and a Micro-Tip® Scissors for cutting perfect details and intricate patterns. Both include high-grade, stainless-steel blades with precision-ground edges that stay sharp longer and cut all the way to the tip -- essential for anyone who cuts fabric. Lightweight, ergonomically designed handles provide unmatched cutting control to help you make your next project your very best.

  • Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including denim, silk and multiple layers of fabric, whether cutting long swaths or small details and intricate patterns
  • High-grade, precision-ground, stainless-steel blades offer a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip
  • Ergonomic handle of the Original Orange-Handled Scissors is sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing cutting control and sensitivity, and a bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting
  • Double-loop handle of Micro-Tip® Scissors accommodates right- and left-handed users
  • Lifetime warranty
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