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Scissors & Shears

Scissors & Shears

Discover the world’s most innovative collection of cutting tools boasting unbeatable sharpness, longevity, versatility and ease of use.
Known primarily for our premier sewing scissors, scissors – including our classic Original Orange-handled Scissors™ – Fiskars is proud to offer a diverse range of scissors and shears that help you cut – and ultimately create – anything from delicate fabrics to thick, challenging DIY materials, to everything in-between including food, sticky craft materials and other everyday cutting needs – in the classroom, kitchen, garden, studio and beyond.

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The Original Orange-handled Scissors™

The Original Orange-handled Scissors™

Introduced to the world in 1967, these iconic scissors offered seamstresses a radically improved cutting experience, earning it instant, off-limits status as “mom’s good sewing scissors.” The same still holds true today.

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What Are Scissors & Shears Used For?

From kids scissors to hardware shears, our collection of premier cutting tools can be used in nearly every facet of your life. But it’s in the creating studio where our reputation for legendary cutting performance really shines.

Our sewing scissors run the gamut from 4” and 5” detail scissors for cuts in tight spaces to 9” dressmaker shears for cutting long swaths of fabric, to our classic 8”, which can really do it all. Additional sewing scissors include pinking shears that reduce fabric fraying, thread snips that allow you to easily take care of loose ends, and tabletop shears with elevated handles that reduce fabric lift for improved precision. Many of our sewing scissors also feature useful technologies that help make cutting fabric easier, such as Easy Action™, a spring-action design that gently opens the blades after every cut, and RazorEdge™ for ultra-sharp, premium-grade, stainless steel blades that glide through fabric for clean cuts all the way to the tip. Amplify®technology prevents blade  separation for clean, effortless cuts through thick and tricky materials, is a feature available on many of our scissors and shears, while our everyday scissors come with non-stick and titanium options for rust resistance and durable, long-term use.

Many of Fiskars scissors and shears also come in a variety of fashion colors, patterns and styles, as well as with or without Softgrip®, titanium, non-stick, petite for smaller hands, left-handed versions and more.