How to Repurpose Your File Cabinet

by Oleander and Palm

With a few simple steps, I converted a thrift store filing cabinet into this modern, sleek planter.

How to Repurpose Your File Cabinet


4 drawer filing cabinet 4" caster wheels (1 locking and 3 without locks)
Power drill and bits 16 - 1" bolts, nuts, and washers
Black spray paint Vinyl in white and gold
2-12"x24" sheets of aluminum 6-8 self-tapping screws
Adhesive for circles  


1. Start by removing all the drawers from the filing cabinet. The filing cabinet I bought was in pretty great shape, but it was a little scratched up in a few places, so I gave it quick coat of black spray paint.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 02

2. With a 3/8" bit, drill at least eight holes in the bottom on the filing cabinet. These will serve as drain holes for the planter to make sure the plant is not over-watered. These holes do not need to be in any particular spot on the cabinet but we laid the cabinet down so what used to be the back will now be the bottom of the planter.

3. Mark where the four casters will attach on the four corners of the filing cabinet. Pre-drill where the four bolts will go on the casters.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 03

4. Bolt the casters to the bottom on the filing cabinet, placing a washer on either side of the bolt to secure the casters in place.

5. Remove the handles and the backs off all the drawers.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 04

6. Place the drawers inside the filing cabinet. Most plants don't need any more than 12 inches depth of soil, so placing the drawers back inside filled some of the space in the filing cabinet. Stacked inside and placed end-to-end, the drawers fit perfectly.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 05

7. Once the drawers are inside the filing cabinet, use the two aluminum sheets to cover the end of the filing cabinet. The two sheets I used for this project are 12 x 24 inches.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 06

8. Screw the panels in place with self-tapping screws. Place two screws on each side of the panel.

9. Then add a fresh coat of black paint to the new panels.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 07

10. To personalize the planter, use the Circle Lever Punch (XXXX-Large), and cut several circles from white and metallic gold vinyl. Then cut the circles in half with a scissors and place them in a random pattern around the planter. If you'd like, you can change out the colors or the pattern of the shapes to personalize the planter to reflect seasons or holidays.

Fiskars Repurpose Filing Cabinet Ideas 08

11. When you are finally ready to plant, there are a few tools that make planting easy. The 3 Piece Softouch® Garden Tool Set has everything you need for digging, weeding and planting. I like that the transplanter has measurements on it to help with spacing while planting. The Big Grip Garden Knife is also a really handy tool to have. The serrated blade edge and forked tip make it the perfect multipurpose tool for cutting through bags, digging up weeds, and scooping soil.

Once you've planted your favorite flowers, herbs or decorative plants it's time to enjoy your fun and functional DIY planter!

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