Freeze Herbs in Ice Cube Trays to Make Refreshing Herbal Ice Cube Cocktails!

by Chris Lambton
Freeze Herbs in Ice Cube Trays to Make Refreshing Herbal Ice Cube Cocktails!

When entertaining, it's always fun to go the extra mile. Creating a one of a kind cocktail can have people talking about your get together for months to come. It all starts before the first beverage is poured, by freezing herbs in ice cube trays for a refreshing summer beverage. It's easy when you keep your herbs growing in pots on the patio so you can easily grab a fresh garnish.

Rosemary, mint or basil are great options for herbal ice. All of these herbs are easy to grow and thrive in the summer. Part of the fun is the experimentation with different herbs from your garden to see what you like best. Your guests will be so impressed with the effort you have put in to make their beverages refreshing and delicious.

Step 1: Cut a Few Sprigs of Rosemary

Fiskars Freezing Herbs Ice Tray 02

Carefully cut a few sprigs from the plant. Some springs will be used for their leaves and some will be kept in-tact to add as garnish to the drink.

Step 2: Put Leaves into Ice Cube Trays

Fiskars Freezing Herbs Ice Tray 03

Pick some of the leaves from the springs and sprinkle them in your ice cube trays. If your leaves are too big, trim them down to size. Add water to your trays and freeze.

Step 3: Add Ice Cubes to Beverage

Fiskars Freezing Herbs Ice Tray 04

Once the ice cubes are ready, add a few to each glass to keep it cold and festive. Think about how nice it would be to have a refreshing mint infused water on a hot summer day. Or a few basil ice cubes with a sparkling water with your spaghetti dinner. Optional: wet the rim of your empty glass and dab it into a dish of sugar crystals before filling.

Step 4: Add a Garnish

Fiskars Freezing Herbs Ice Tray 05

Before serving your beverage, use a few full leaves or a full sprig of your herb of choice as a fresh and colorful garnish.

Now you have a fun garden-to-table cocktail that your guests will never forget.