Fall Yard Clean Up Tips

by Chris Lambton

The leaves are falling which means that it is once again time for fall clean up in the yard. This article provides you with the four most important tasks you can do to prepare your yard ready for winter.

Fiskars Fall Yard Clean Up Tips 02

1. Remove all the leaves from the lawn. This is an important job because leaves can kill your grass if left there all winter. Using the Leaf Rake will make quick work of raking the lawn and clearing it of leaves and debris. It is lightweight with a durable aluminum shaft but has a large 24" head for removing large quantities of leaves with every swipe.

Fiskars Fall Yard Clean Up Tips 03

2. Clean up planting beds. The Shrub Rake allows you to get in between plants and get to hard to reach places with its tapered tines and 8" wide head. It has a flexible design and long-reaching lightweight handle that will also help reduce back fatigue.

Fiskars Fall Yard Clean Up Tips 04

3. Load up your debris. Use a HardShell® Kangaroo® Garden Bag to gather your clippings and leaves as you are raking the lawn and surrounding beds. You won't have to worry about branches tearing the bag open due to its tear-resistant, vinyl-coated polyester construction. It has sturdy handles so you can drag it from pile to pile, and the HardShell® base provides the durability you need for year-long clean up.

Fiskars Fall Yard Clean Up Tips 05

4. Trim all broken and dead limbs from trees and shrubs. Trimming broken and dead limbs from trees and shrubs not only helps the plant but will also help make cleanup in the spring more manageable. For branches that are 2" or less, the PowerGear2™ Lopper is the perfect choice. With the low-friction blades, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to power through the branches.For branches that are larger, I use the POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® Folding Saw. Since it folds for easy transport, I can keep this at my side during the entire fall cleanup. It is easy and safe to use with its razor-sharp blade, and its ability to lock the blade in two different positions.

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