Repurposed Pallet Planter

by Chris Lambton

One man's trash is another man's treasure. You can find a variety of DIY projects for pallets that are no longer being used. Often times, pallets are being given away, making this upcycled project, simple and cost effective.

Repurposed Pallet Planter
Fiskars DIY House Number Planter 02

1. Locate a pallet and begin to carefully dismantle it. The IsoCore™ 22 oz. Framing Hammer will help you tackle this task quickly and without destroying the pallet. The rip claw pulls apart the pallet and the extended grip provides you with leverage to make sure you keep the pallet wood all in one piece and able to be used for the project you are about to create.

Fiskars DIY House Number Planter 03

2. After the wood is separated and the nails have been removed, sort your wood into piles of 1" x 4"s and 2" X 4"s.

3. The 1" X 4" pieces are 4' long, so cut them in half to create 2' pieces. These will be the face of your planter, which will be a 2' square.

Fiskars DIY House Number Planter 04

4. With the 2'' x 4'' pieces of wood used as the corners, nail the 1''x 4''s up and around the entire box to face all sides of the planter. The framing hammer is lightweight and comfortable, ideal for pounding in the nails quickly and easily. The hammer is also designed to reduce the shock and vibration and the soft grip handle fits with the natural shape of your hand.

Fiskars DIY House Number Planter 05

5. Once the sides of the repurposed pallet planter are in place, the last step is to create the base. After the wood pieces have been nailed together, it is time to place the box on the porch and fill with live goods. Add in planting mix, a decorative shrub and even personalize this planter by adding your house number to the front. With a few simple steps, you have turned an old pallet into a unique and upcycled planter that will welcome people into your home!

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