Preparing Your Yard for Winter

by Chris Lambton

With the summer growing season behind us, it's time to start thinking about prepping your lawn for winter. Below are winter landscaping tips for beginners to help keep your lawn in great shape.

Preparing Your Yard for Winter

After the long growing season, your yard may look quite different than it did in the spring.The shrubs, bushes and trees surrounding your house have started to infringe upon the house, and it is best to take care of these problems before it gets too cold and the snow is upon us.

Fiskars Winter Landscaping Ideas 02

1. The first problem I like to tackle is low hanging limbs, especially limbs that hang over the house. These can cause problems come winter with heavy snows breaking the limbs onto your roof or with high winds causing damage when they fall. This can be a dangerous task for a homeowner or a seasoned professional because normally it requires getting on a ladder with a saw or chainsaw. The Pruning Stik™ Extendable Tree Pruner will help take the danger out of pruning and trimming branches off your roof and away from your house. You won't need a ladder as the Pruning Stik™ extends up to twelve feet to take down high branches without using a ladder. You can also use it to cut lower limbs and save your back. Whether you are using the 15" saw blade or the steel pruning blade, the Pruning Stik™ has what it takes to keep your house clear, while also keeping you safe.

Fiskars Winter Landscaping Ideas 03

2. For branches that are easy to reach, I like to use my 10" POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® Folding Saw. It folds and locks for easy transport. The blade is strong enough to cut through thick branches, and it can be used for over or under hand cuts, providing great versatility.

Fiskars Winter Landscaping Ideas 04

3. Now that all the branches and limbs are cut away from the house, you can finish the job with your your PowerGear2™ loppers and pruners. The loppers and pruners feature a patented gear technology that multiplies leverage, providing up to 3X more power on every cut, and I use the tools to clean up debris and make sure all shrubs and bushes are away from the house. This allows airflow and prevents mold and dampness. I have a pair of loppers and pruners in my truck and my shed so they are never out of reach.

Fiskars Winter Landscaping Ideas 05

4. To make the branches you cut easier to haul away, use the loppers to cut them into more manageable pieces. Then, switch to the PowerGear2™ pruners and walk around the house, making sure every shrub and bush has been trimmed back and all dead branches are removed.

Once all the limbs are off the roof of the house, the shrubs and bushes are cut back and the debris has been removed, it's time to clean and store my Fiskars tools. My house is now ready for winter, and thanks to Fiskars tools, I could do it all without even hauling out my ladder.

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